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NOSi and Ashinaga Brazil signed a Memorandum of Understanding

NOSi and Ashinaga Brazil signed a Memorandum of Understanding on internship cooperation in Praia, Cabo Verde, on Wednesday, May 3rd. Signed by the CEO of NOSi, Carlos Pina Tavares, and the Vice President of Ashinaga Brazil, Andrew Castro, the memorandum aims to facilitate collaboration between the two entities regarding their respective activities.

As part of the program, Ashinaga scholars undergo 6 to 8-week internships at companies or organizations in a Sub-Saharan African country during their undergraduate studies. The goal is to broaden their professional experiences, develop practical and global skills, and expand their network. In this context, NOSi will host one Ashinaga scholarship intern at NOSiAkademia each year.

Ashinaga is one of Japan's largest nonprofit organizations, with a primary mission to expand young people's access to education. In 2011, in response to global challenges, the organization launched the Ashinaga Africa Initiative, a scholarship program for young people from Sub-Saharan Africa. The program offers full scholarships to students with great academic potential to enable them to attend top universities worldwide and make positive social impacts in their home countries.

Since its inception, the initiative has supported over 200 scholarship recipients from 48 African countries.