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Meet Our Vision-Aligned Partners Dedicated to Talent Development:



We collaborate closely with government entities dedicated to the country's economic and social advancement. Their support is crucial for the success and positive impact we achieve in training and integrating young talents into the workforce. Since 2018, the Government of Cabo Verde, through the Directorate General of Employment, has been a key co-financing partner, enabling us to continue nurturing talent with skills in technology, management, and related areas.

Certifying Partners

Our Quality Assurance Partners

We cultivate strong partnerships with prestigious academic institutions, offering a seamless integration of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Together, we empower interns to confidently address the challenges of the professional world.



We collaborate closely with industry-leading tech firms who understand the value of investing in promising talent. Through our partnerships, participants gain access to cutting-edge training, internship opportunities, and potential job placements, ensuring a path to success in their careers.