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Interns and Alumni from NOSiAkademia participate in the 3rd Edition of Seeds For The Future

Forty interns and Alumni from NOSiAkademia took part in the 3rd Edition of Seeds For The Future. Out of the total of 25 graduates from the program, 12 young people from NOSiAkademia successfully completed the modules, and 5 were part of the winning team. The award ceremony took place at Plaza Park this Monday, August 22nd.

Over 10 days, the young participants had the opportunity to acquire skills related to leadership and technology. Additionally, the program challenges them to present projects and technological solutions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

It's worth noting that as part of the strategic partnership with Huawei, NOSi has actively participated in this program promoted by the Chinese company, which involves various countries, thus fostering a cultural and technological exchange environment among young people.