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NOSiAkademia hosts Soft Skills session with interns on Generational Perspectives

The NOSiAkademia team conducted an open discussion last Friday, June 28th, with interns from the 15th edition of the program on the topic of 'Generational Perspectives', featuring NOSi's Product Manager, Marcos Brito.

This event falls under the Soft Skills Development Sessions, focused on developing human skills to prepare interns not only for the technical demands of work, but also for the behavioral aspects crucial for a successful career.

Zany Lopes, an intern in NOSi's Finance, Planning, and International Relations Division, gave positive feedback on the session, highlighting 'Generational Perspectives' as a relevant topic that should also be shared with other young people to provide them with greater understanding and a different perspective of our generation.

For Adérito Tavares, an intern in the JumpStart initiative, the sharing session was excellent. He emphasized the importance of generational evolution up to the present day, with a focus on technology, adding that today we have leaders who seek to empower their employees.

It is worth noting that NOSiAkademia is conducting several Soft Skills Development Sessions on various relevant topics aimed at providing interns with a competitive edge in the job market.