Trainees appraise the 04/2019 edition positively

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The trainees of the 04/2019 edition of NOSiAkademia have made a positive assessment of the program after 6 months of professional internship. Notwithstanding the difficult times of the COVID19 pandemic, the 26 interns fulfilled the internship plan and presented on July 15th and 16th the final project. In agreement with these two participants, Helder Santos David, who attended the Service Desk Department, and Gisela Santos Silva, who participated in the Project Integration of the Tax Registration System /SIM in the incubator GeoSoluçoes of the Jumpstart program, they have acquired several professional and personal experiences by being supported and mentored by their employees.  They claim to feel more prepared for the job market.


According to Hélder David, graduated in Business and Management from São Vicente, these 6 months have been very positive. “It has allowed me to have bonds with an entity by enabled me to be in daily contact with the activities carried out by NOSi employees. Thanks to this I was able to develop many activities, putting the theoretical knowledge acquired in the academic field into practice. Furthermore, I gained professional experience and cultivated the willingness to work as a team. Along these months, the mentoring was excellent as I had the opportunity to have a team willing to transmit and receive knowledge, both professional and personal experiences. All of the knowledge acquired today is an asset to my professional career. I firmly believe that I am ready for the job market, thanks to NOSi, and yet there is always room for more knowledge and experience. As the market continues to become more demanding every day, new knowledge must be open to us” – he says.


Gisela Santos Silva graduated in Systems Engineering and Computer Science from Santo Antão, has participated in the development of the Integration Solution of the Tax Registration System /SIM of the company GeoSoluções, one of the incubators in the JumpStart program.

She reports that she had a ” spectacular ” mentorship and that she is now prepared for the challenges in the labour market.

“I can say that during these six months of training I had a positive experience given that it was very challenging in the area of JumpStart. An area which I did not want, but which was worthwhile. I was afraid to face the programming, but I managed to achieve my goals and overcome this fear, without saying that the mentoring was spectacular. I have no complaints. Since we had mentoring every day from Monday to Monday even when we worked at home, the mentors were very demanding. They made available to us all possible material, launched challenges to be faced and unless we could overcome them, our mentors would show us new paths to follow and fulfill the tasks. Since we left the university with a lot of theory, everything I learned here was new. Thanks to the professional internship, I gained a lot of experience in order to face the job market.  The challenges were many, knowing that I was afraid of programming this was a real despair in my first challenge. But with the mentorship, dedication and help of my colleague I was able to face my first challenge and from then on they became lighter. These challenges served and much for my professional and personal preparation. I feel prepared to face the challenges of daily life without fear of making mistakes”

Gisela reveals that on the first day she was scared because everything was new and she didn’t expect to be an intern at NOSi. ” I applied for the test and when they called me for the interview and told me that I was selected, anxiety was at its best, but as the internship went on I saw that it was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life”.

She concludes by stating that ” Gisela today is a woman prepared to face the job market and the new challenges since I did not limit myself to learning only what was stipulated in the internship plan, but also other activities such as working with the application of the Casa do Cidadão, among others”.

It is worth mentioning that the NOSiAkademia program has as its mission, to prepare and provide young graduates with more technical and SoftSkills capabilities for a better insertion in the job market and for entrepreneurship. It counts with the partnership of the Employment and Professional Training Institute (IEFP), the General Directorate of Employment and Professional Training and Internships and Integrated Education, Training and Employment Policies, PRO-EMPRESA, National System of Qualifications.

From its creation in 2016 until June 2020, 234 young graduates have participated in the NOSiAkademia programme. 158 successfully completed the internship program. From these, 66% are integrated in the labour market.

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