The TICSeed project, an initiative of the Government of Cabo Verde, led by NOSI, has as its main focus, to expand the ICT market to the ECOWAS and CPLP sub-region. The initiative initially consisted in selecting technicians, young volunteers of the new technologies, through the NOSIAKADEMIA internship programme, to collaborate in ICT projects implemented in neighbouring countries, for a period of six months. Therefore, through this project we intended to expand our ICT market and hence create opportunities for young graduates.

The primary objective of TICSEED aims to train technology volunteers to deploy seeds in ECOWAS’ neighbouring countries and become ICT consultants.

On the first phase, the project counted with the collaboration of our partners in São Tomé and Príncipe (STP), namely the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), in which NOSI already has ICT solutions deployed and positive institutional relations. Has shown interest in using the TICSEED programme to develop improvements to the Social Security Information System (SISS) and to support volunteers in their process of adapting and turning ICT volunteers into ICT entrepreneurs.

Two trainees of the 001/2019 edition, Evandro Júlio Tavares Martins and Yásmin Melanie Neves Mártir, previously trained at NOSiAkademia, applied voluntarily to become SEEDS in August 2019. They settled in S.Tomé for a period of six months, where they developed work in the ICT area, providing services with support from NOSi “Cloud” resources. After having deployed seeds of technology in that country, the SEEDS returned to Cape Verde after six months, with relevant experience and excellent results.


According to NOSi EPE’s Global Strategic Plan, one of the great bets for NOSiAkademia is to strengthen its initiatives in all its areas of expertise, to promote both the research and development of excellent Digital Governance solutions and to establish innovative business relationships, leading to a significant impact on productivity, qualified employment and individual prosperity, while serving as an anchor for the export of talent. As a result, the TICSEED initiative for pre-incubator has been increased, with the aim of fostering youth entrepreneurship through the creation and acceleration of new technology-based Startups, which can provide consulting services both nationally and internationally. The trainees and alumni of NOSiAkademia integrated in the program, will be trained and oriented to develop an innovative idea and turn it into business. The purpose of this project is to train and qualify the youth to be technology consultants both nationally and internationally.


As part of the NOSiAkademia objectives to incubate skills for the labour market and overcome the long-term unemployment problem in Cabo Verde, the pre-incubator TICSeed aims to create opportunities for newly graduated and trained youth in the NOSiAkademia internship programme by creating opportunities and stimulating entrepreneurship and self-employment.


These are specific objectives of the program:

  1. Promoting self-employment by reducing the unemployment rate with the emergence of new startups;
  2. Creating an ecosystem of innovation and youth entrepreneurship;
  3. Incubating and strengthening business ideas in the ICT area in order to meet the demand for innovative solutions in the market
  4. Stimulating the digital economy through technology-based projects covering various sectors of activity.
  5. Training and capacity-building for youth to be ICT consultants and to provide consulting services both nationally and internationally.