Reception and Integration of Trainees

The internship is held “on job” under the supervision and guidance of mentors and area managers. Initially, it is assigned an initial plan of internship, where it is specified the area/project of internship and the objectives that are intended to achieve during the six months of internship.

  • Candidates who give up, after being selected and going through all the phases, are excluded from the next editions; 
  • In case of withdrawal, the list of alternates is activated, the candidates following the best placed list;
  • During the first four weeks of internship, the trainees attend a set of intensive training actions, taught by NOSi technicians, in the different technological solutions;
  • The trainees admitted are distributed among the different areas of internship within the JumpStart initiative, in accordance with the number of available positions;
  • Every 2 months the trainees present their work, individually or in groups;
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