Our Partners

NOSi EPE, is proud of its wide-ranging of national and international partners who share the same vision and seek to accelerate Cabo Verde’s digital transformation. Our strategic alliances allow us to allocate into labor market, skilled professionals in ICT, Management and related areas, as part of NOSiAkademia Project, constantly increasing the employability rate of young Cape Verdeans.



The Government of Cabo Verde, bets on young people as the future of the country since they are part of the most qualified segment of the population and live in the digital era. Young people are the main agents of innovation and change, responsible for increasing productivity, competitiveness and economic diversification of Cabo Verde.

In order to invest in a sector with greater opportunities to facilitate the insertion of young graduates in the market and aligned with the global context of business competitiveness based on NEW Technologies, in 2018, the Government of Cabo Verde created the Professional Internship Program for Innovation and Technology, PEP-IT, implemented by NOSiAkademia, with the involvement and intermediation of the DGE, IEFP, Pró Empresa, UC-SNQ, Sotavento and Barlavento City Chamber of Commerce.

Huawei, a multinational company of network and telecommunications equipment has been a great partner of NOSi within its objective to train and qualify its employees, through several training courses oncurrent technologies.

With Huawei Academy, under the Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy (HAINA) program, NOSiAkademia interns have the opportunity to enhance their technical capabilities through training and certification in the different technological solutions.

NOSiAkademia Alumni also have the opportunity to participate in programs such as Seeds for the Future and Huawei ICT Competition, enabling them to develop into globally competitive resources.



Microsoft Corporation is a multinational company with expertise in both IBM compatible PC operating systems and office software.

As a Microsoft partner, NOSi has access to a variety of programs, software products, and a line of Office applications and tools.

Furthermore, as part of this partnership, it provides certification courses in several technologies, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Cloud and Software Development, Data Science, AI Engineer, Azure Administrator/Developer, providing to interns technological competencies and developing technical and practical skills in cutting-edge technologies.



PwC has been consistently betting on the growth of its technology practices and has been recognized by the market, and today is a central player in digital issues.

In partnership with the Government of Cabo Verde, under the PEPIT Program implemented by NOSiAkademia, PWC aims to create and train talents with absolutely necessary key skills for a technology professional, with the prospect of an attractive career and is intended for all who seek to acquire skills in the technology area.

This partnership aims to create a PWC Technology Hub in Cabo Verde, meaning that this alliance is not only a great opportunity to increase the employability of young Cape Verdeans, but also a way to intensify their skills by exposing them to a new work reality.


Founded in 2005, Visionware is today an internationally renowned company in Information Security, accredited NATO SECRET, and as part of its academy unit, within the disciplines associated with its area of competence, is certified by DGERT as a recognized entity for certified training.

With the protocol signed between VisionWare and NOSi, on May 18, 2022, it becomes a major partner of our JumpStart initiative, in order to strengthen the program regarding the training of interns and their integration in the market.