NOSiAkademia: Interns of the 01/2020 edition attend the Interns4Afrika certification program


24 interns from different areas of the present edition of NOSi Akademia have attended since the beginning of July, an online course of certification Interns4Afrika of Microsoft IT Academy.

A 6 month course with the guidance and mentoring of expert trainers from the American transnational company Microsoft. For the very first time, trainees from the other areas will be able to obtain certification.

This program aims to endow young graduates in the ICT and related areas with the expertise to design, implement, manage complex projects, acquire hands-on experience with enterprise-level development tools, cloud computing platforms and multi-platform mobile computing. Besides, refine the English language and develop partnerships that increase the employability rate in the country.

Lauriana Landim, head of the NOSiAkademia certification area, said 45 trainees have benefited from the Interns4Afrika certification program so far and 11 (employees and trainees) have been covered by the 21st Century Skills Lab program.

Flávia Silva, graduated in Computer Science and Technology, was integrated in the Microsoft Azure Development area. According to the trainee, this is a great opportunity to acquire knowledge and techniques in her training area

After having been warned that we would have the opportunity to attend this training and would also receive a certificate at the end, it became clear that this would be a unique opportunity with tremendous advantages. The class contents are available in video classes on the LinkedIn platform”.

According to her, she expects to “successfully conclude this training, gaining both knowledge in the area of Microsoft Azure and for my technical and professional development. In the future, I will certainly have the opportunity to add Microsoft Azure somehow in my day-to-day work”.

Valdir Ramos, an English language trainee attending the Dynamic O365 course, has hardly any problem learning due to his fluent knowledge of the English language. “The training goes smoothly, as English is a language that I master very well, which makes it easier to understand the contents and explanations. Hopefully, with some effort and interest I can learn and understand the lessons quickly”. He added that expectations are high ” I have high expectations because it will help me in the future.

Josias Cabral graduated in Computer Science and Systems Engineering, was integrated in the Marketing area. He says that despite being related to Multimedia, this is a little known area, without in-depth knowledge in the matter. He explains that there is a certain difficulty in managing the tasks of the internship with the study schedule, however, he is engaged in overcoming this challenge. “I hope they will teach us the most possible in relation to the content provided to be better qualified for the market,” he said.

Since 2018, through the partnership between NOSi and Microsoft, trainees have had the opportunity to aggregate skills both within and outside the field of study, with a certification component.

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