NOSiAkademia: Interns from the 1st edition of 2020 present their final project


Providing young graduates with more skills, techniques and softskills, for a better insertion in the labor market and for entrepreneurship, has been one of NOSiAkademia’s missions.

33 trainees of the 01/2020 edition, are presenting, on October 28th and 29th, the final results of the works they have been developing during the 6 (six) months of internship.

In this edition, 16 interns were affectionate to the JUMPStart program, participating in the development and acceleration of projects of 5 national companies. The other 17, were in several areas of NOSi.

By June 2020, 234 young people had been contemplated and 208 successfully concluded the program. Of these, more than 60% are integrated in the labor market.

The NOSiAkademia internship program, since its creation in 2016, is in its 6th edition and has already received a total of 1280 applications, being management and related areas with the highest number of candidates (746) followed by technology (406) other areas (21) and jurisprudence (3).

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