NOSiAkademia former interns participates in Seed for the Future in Tunisia


Three of NOSiAkademia’s former interns participates in the Seed for the Future (SFTF) program of the North Africa region, from June 17 to 19, which took place in Tunisia.  This meeting had as its main objective, to develop local talent and enhance knowledge sharing and cultural exchange among the participants.

For this first meeting of the North Africa region, 7 of the best projects of Cape Verdean university students, who participated in the Huawei ICT Competition 2021, were selected. These students came from NOSiAkademia and several universities.

On behalf of NOSiAkademia, besides having the presence of former intern and now NOSi collaborator Rubem Mendonça, two more NOSiAkademia alumni, Hamilton Borges and Marliny Marques, were also involved.

For Rubem Mendonça, participating in the event was a very enriching experience, since it allowed him to network, test his teamwork skills, as well as establish bonds of friendship that he intends to carry with him into future life.

It is recalled that the NOSiAkademia, since 2016 has been creating opportunities for young people, empowering them in a real work context and preparing them for insertion in the labor market.