NOSiAkademia: Creating opportunities and skills for the labor market


From October 19 to 21, 42 interns of the 01/2021 edition of the NOSi Akademia, were presenting the results of the work developed during the 6 (six) months, to NOSi team and partners of the program.

In this edition, 31 interns were assigned to different areas of NOSi, and 11 to the JumpStart program, participating in the development and acceleration of projects of 6 companies, being two public institutions (IGQPI – Institute for Quality Management and Intellectual Property and FPEF – Fund for the Promotion of Employment and Training) and 4 national start-ups (MandaBai, XLERA, Popas Poupança, Balai Cabo Verde).

Since its creation in 2016, NOSi Akademia has been creating opportunities for young Cape Verdeans, qualifying them, both at the technical and soft kills level, leading to better insertion in the labor market.

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