NOSi Akademia, paving the way for young people in the global market. Yanick Andrade- Vodafone/Wrightia, Portugal


Yanick Andrade, one of the youngsters from NOSi Akademia professional internships program, finds today his professional activity outside the country. Yanick, who participated in the 1st edition of the program in 2019 at the Platform and Systems Department of NOSi, works now as an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Consultant at Vodafone, a client of Wrightia, in Lisbon, Portugal.

He describes how the program successfully helped him to achieve his goal, as well as how the acquired knowledge has brought him a remarkable career path.

How has the professional internship contributed to your professional career?

NOSiAkademia played a very important role in my career since it was there where I experienced the best workplace experience to date. I had a fantastic team and a coordinator who was a leader, that I hope one day to be. I was taught to work alongside people from different teams, with unusual tools and to work under pressure.

During this period, what technological projects did you collaborate on?

Throughout the six (6) months, I worked on the Cloud Portal project.

What are the greatest challenges faced?

In fact, the greatest challenge faced was the development of this project. I had no clue of what a “machine” was.  They were all constantly talking about “creating machines”, “managing machines”, I was always wondering about what is that machine they are always talking about?.And the project involved creating a virtual machine that was then made available to customers. Graciously, the Department’s technicians are great, they greatly helped with the adaptation process and the challenges were smoothed thanks to the support.

Which message for the other young people?

I would say that we have to be more united and bolder when it comes to decision-making that might be of common interest. It seems to me as if sometimes we fear saying “no” when necessary, fearing to be left behind though it’s something we don’t really want. It is our duty to always pursue and achieve our dreams.

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