NOSi Akademia, paving the way for young people in the global market. Aline Vieira – Smart Solutions


The NOSiAkademia JumpStart program has provided young graduates with exceptional experiences.

Aline Vieira graduated in Computer Science and Technology from Hainan Tropical Ocean University, China, was one of the interns in the 02/2019 edition of JumpStart. She was included in Smart Solution, as Web and Mobile applications developer. Today she is a collaborator of the company.

The professional internship was decisive for her insertion in the job market. ” It allowed me to develop skills, attitudes and competences, both professional and personal. My experience also allowed me to adapt to the work environment, taking responsibility and creating synergies in team work. I was given the opportunity to participate in the Smart Taxi project with Smart Solutions, which is a fleet management and control platform for cab services”.

JUMPSART, it is an initiative of NOSi Akademia to support, free of charge, Research and Development projects of national companies.

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