JUMPStart, an initiative of NOSI Akademia, to support national companies to develop innovative solutions.


Safe and Smart Taxi” and “riftOne”. Meet two innovative solutions from national private companies that have developed research and development projects in the JUMPStart program of NOSiAkademia.


“Safe and Smart Táxi”

According to mentor Erickson Monteiro, it is a platform that includes three applications, “gestaxi”, for taxi owners, “digitaxi”, to ensure the security of taxi drivers, and “Nha Taxi”, an application for people to drive a taxi from their houses.

“We have developed a platform focused on the problem we have in Cape Verde. Our idea is to create a platform where taxi owners can manage all their fleets and all their drivers in order to improve their business and increase their income,” he said.

Through this platform, he assured, the owners will be able to see the background of a driver and the performance of a vehicle, which means knowing where their taxis are, whether they are free or busy, how many customers they have per day, the mileage, among others.

Moreover, he emphasised, this platform gives taxi drivers tools to help them in case of any problems.

That is, through the program “digitaxi” which is a digital taximeter integrated in the vehicle, in case of danger, the drivers can trigger one of the S.O.S. sensors and it automatically triggers an alert to the Police Command Center.

Besides triggering an alert, according to the same source, it provides information on the driver’s location and also provides images from the inside of the vehicle to the central unit.

Erickson Monteiro said that after this presentation stage they will contact taxi owners to present this service and, if they are interested, they will provide some training for taxi drivers and owners to know how to use these applications.


The riftOne was another project developed at JumpStar by the communication and marketing company, Green Studio.

According to the project’s mentor, Saulo Montrond, given the needs of the market, access to content and most of all considering the challenges of education, they developed this project which is a technological device that integrates several components.

It is a device that will allow people, families, students to access a computer, surf the Internet, produce content. It has a big advantage with the cost of the device which is only five thousand escudos. Children can use this device to create other technological projects such as robots and drones,” he said.

This device, he continued, will also allow content creators in Cape Verde, Africa and anywhere in the world to create a free television channel in just two minutes, and then sell their content.

This device, according to Saulo Montrond, is “All in one” in a low cost, high efficiency and integrates Wi-FI, bluetooh and 4G mode.

The same will be on the market in five months and will be marketed from five thousand escudos

The young Erickosn Vaz, who attended this Akademia and had the opportunity to develop the “riftOne” device, said it was an “enriching” experience.

For six months I was interacting with professionals in the IT area, where I acquired and improved my knowledge in development and in the rest of the applications that we develop here, which we believe will be of great value for Cape Verde and the world”, he underlined.

Currently, six national companies are developing their research and development projects at JUMPStart of the NOSi Akademia and 19 trainees are exclusively assigned to these projects.

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