As a part of its mission to promote the Information Society and as an entity to implement the Technology Park NOSi-EPE created the NOSiAkademia which, among other measures to boost the ICT market, promotes the Jumpstart initiative.

The Jumpstart aims to host Research and Development Project (PID) from national and international companies at NOSIAkademia and, eventually, in the ecosystem of the Technology Park of Cabo Verde, offering free charges for the companies:

  1. Condition to execute Research and Development Project (PID);
  2. Trainees dedicated to the PIDs for a period of six (6) months (includes 1 month of initial training);
  3. Computational infrastructures for the development of PIDs;
  4. Secure and direct connectivity to the headquarters;
  5. Agile instrument for PID management;
  6. Monitoring and periodic evaluation via Proof-of-Concept (PoC)

As a part of Jumpstart initiative, companies will also have the opportunity to:

  1. Recruit trainees who have dedicated themselves to PID;
  2. Benefit from NOSi´s specialized technical consultancy;
  3. Host the final product in the high availability infrastructures;
  4. Place the final product on NOSiCloud;
  5. Restart new PID

Target Audience

National and International Companies

Areas Covered

  1. Networks and Access Communications
  2. Security and Compliance
  3. Data Center
  4. NOSiGIS
  5. BlockChain
  6. NOSiMobile
  7. AI & IoT
  8. Service Desk
  9. Finance and Procurement
  10. Planning and International Relations


The mentoring is under the company´s responsibility and it can be done in person or in distance, as long as the trainees periodic follow-up are assured.

Confidentiality Agreement

It will be signed a confidentiality agreement between NOSiAkademia and the company to ensuring that neither NOSi nor its employees are interested in copying or sharing the project information. In this term of adhesion, confidentiality and secrecy, the conditions of adhesion to the program will be specified, as well as the commitments that each party must assume.

How to submit an application?

The application is solely and exclusively made by online through the form.

If you have any questions, please contact jumpstart@nosi.cv


The 1st edition of the JumpStart program started in June 2019 and so far it is in its 4th edition. In these editions, a total of 14 national and international companies were covered, enabling 47 young trainees to work on various innovative projects.

1st Edition Data

Period – May 13 to November 13, 2019

“Safe and Smart Taxi” and “Riftone” project of SmartSolutions and GreenStudio respectively, are two innovative solutions of these national private companies that have been developed under the JumpStart program.

2nd Editon Data

Period – August 13 to February 13, 2020

For this edition, with the larger number of trainees, it was also possible to increase the number of the companies and projects to JumpStart.

The first two editions have been completed. A positive result was obtained, with the presentation and launch of the products resulting from the 6 projects which has led to the hiring of 10 trainees.

3rd Edition Data

Beginning – November 13, 2019

4th Edition

Beginning – February 13, 2020

TIP: placing a hyperlink on top of the companies’ names, so when you click it refers directly to their websites.

5th Edition Data

Start: November de 2020

6th Edition Data

Start: November de 2021

7th Edition Data

Start: May 2022