NOSiAkademia is a training program, which has four axes of action: (1) Certification, (2) Professional internships, (3) TICSEED and (4) JumpStart. It is part of NOSiAkademia’s mission to promote the development of the information and knowledge society, taking into account the need to integrate young people’s capacity in the market, formed by the Academies, on a basis of equal access opportunities, accompanied and remunerated internships, lasting six months.

Professional Internship

The Professional Internship Program for Innovation and Technology, PEP-IT is developed in partnership with DGEFPEP, UC-SNQ, PRÓ-EMPRESA and IEFP, with financial support from UG-PIEFE, with the aim of filling professional gaps in the ICT sector, aligned with market needs, in a context of strong technological transformation. It is the purpose to invest in a sector with greater employability opportunities for young people, to foster their insertion.

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