The internship program at NOSiAkademia is carried out considering internal needs for skills incubation, previously identified by NOSi’s directorates and project areas, and selection criteria;

  • Applications are launched quarterly, targeting young graduates and long term unemployed;
  • It is a six-month, supervised and paid internship program;;
  • The scholarship is twenty thousand escudos/month, (20,000$00), for 6 months;

The vacancies for the internship are made available through a contest, published in the media: newspaper, radio, TV, social networks, websites (NOSi and NOSiAkademia) institutes and universities.


The program has a national scope and has the following selection phases:

  • Screening

Screening is done though a document analysis, which the following documents are mandatory:

  • Update Curriculum Vitae;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Ranking, NOSiTeste

The NOSiTeste is one of the main instruments used to rank candidates for NOSi placements. But above all to be a reference of quality and impartiality in the process of recruitment and selection of interns, on the basis of equal opportunities of access.

The logistical support for the race by schools and delegations nationally and guaranteed by monitors from Weblabs. Information about all these points can be found in the Test Space area. The list of all schools that will effectively be involved in the process is released during the exam week, based on the number of candidates/residence.

The best placed candidates in the NOSiTeste, are admitted to the next phase;

Candidates with the same score are ordered by age (youngest first);

  • Interview

For Santiago residents, the interview will be held in person at the NOSI´s facilities, 4th floor, Avenida Cidade de Lisboa, Várzea, CVMóvel building.

For those residing in the remaining islands, the interview will be via Skype, Facebook or equivalent.