Intern Team Champions of Charity Tournament


Last Saturday, October 2, the NOSibola internal and charity tournament took place at Domingos Ramos High School (LDR). Four teams participated: NOSi DC, NOSi Várzea, Interns and Former employees. In the first game, played NOSi DC vs Ex-employees, resulting in NOSi DC winning 6-0. In the second game, the interns defeated NOSi Várzea by 5-0. For the third place, the Ex-collaborators defeated NOSi Várzea by 10-4. In the Grand Final, the interns defeated NOSi DC by 4-3, becoming the champions of the competition.

Although it was a charity tournament, where we managed to raise a ton of school supplies to benefit the needy students of the LDR, it was also a tournament of inclusion. Each team had to include a female player among the starters.