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Paid and Accompanied Internship for Young Graduates.

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Application Date
02/03 to 22/03 de 2020


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Renumbered and Accompanied Internship for Young Graduates.


Training of interns in the various current technologies.

NosiAkademia Initiatives

NOSiAkademia for Business



NOSiAkademia is a training and qualification program, which has two main areas of action: Professional Internships (1) and Certification, (2). It is framed in the NOSi mission to lead the digital transformation in the public sector, to improve citizens’ lives and promote innovative collaborations among companies.

In keeping with the need to integrate young graduates from the Academies into the market on an equal access basis, the NOSiAkademia has been developed, a semester-long, accompanied and paid internship programmes.

The addressees of the project are:

  • young graduates and the long-term unemployed
  • Youths under the age of 35;

Candidates who have not yet completed their Degree Course Work may be accepted on an extraordinary basis, as long as they submit a declaration from the University/Institute duly accredited that they have already completed the academic part of the degree work.

The Programme is nationwide and has the following selection phases:

  • Pre-selection

The pre-selection is done through document analysis;

  • NOSiTest Serialization Test.
  • In the week of the test the list of all schools that will be effectively involved in the process is published, depending on the number of candidates/residents.
  • The 48 candidates best placed in the NOSiTest are admitted for the next phase;
  • Candidates with the same score are sorted by age (youngest first);


  • Interview

The interviews can be face-to-face or via Skype, Facebook or any other electronic means.

For the residents of Santiago, the interview will be held in person at the premises of NOSiAkademia, located in Avenida Cidade de Lisboa, Várzea.

For those residing abroad, the interview will be via Skype, Facebook or equivalent.

City of Praia.

Av. Cidade de Lisboa, Várzea – C.P. 620 Praia – Santiago – Cabo Verde

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