Certificate Programs

Concerning certification, NOSi has established partnerships with some international organizations, such as MICROSOFT, HUAWEI and PRIMAVERA ACADEMY, which allow NOSiAkademia trainees to be certified in several and advanced technological solutions provided by these organizations.


As part of the partnership between NOSi and Microsoft Academy, NOSiAkademia trainees have taken part in two certification programmes under the 4Afrika initiative: Interns4Afrika and 21st Century SkillsLabss.


The Interns4afrika program seeks to offer recent graduates an opportunity to grow in their careers through virtual training and internships at Microsoft partnering organizations.



Also called AppFactory – or Learning Factory – for developers, it is 4Afrika’s employability and training program. One of the main purposes of this program is the training of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) graduates to become software craftsmen, skilled in designing, implementing and managing complex real-world software projects.

Stage 1

In this first phase the program covers 11 participants, among employees and trainees of NOSiAkademia to certify in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Data Science. Before being certified in these technologies the participants are trained in Cloud Development and Software Development modules in order to be grounded for such certifications.

Program Details:

  • Access to the Azure platform;
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning and varietues of study materials;
  • Exam Vouchers;

Huawei Academy has been a great partner of NOSi regarding its goal to train and empower its employees through several training courses in current technologies. Since this partnership began, NOSi technicians have participated in Huawei certification actions as part of its Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy (HAINA) program.

During the first certification phase the NOSi technicians were certified in Routing & Switching by the Huawei Academy through intensive training provided by the Huawei specialists and submitted to theoretical and practical examinations.

At this second stage of the program, with more certification areas available, about 20 NOSi employees are taking part in another online training action between June and July 2020 in the following modules:

  • Tecnologia 5G;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Big Data;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Cloud Service;
  • Intelligent Computing;
  • IoT;
  • Routing & Switching;
  • Security;
  •  WLAN

The technicians who are participating in these training and certification actions are the NOSiAkademia’s own trainers and mentors, who will later transmit all the knowledge acquired to the trainees who join the program.

Primavera is a renowned supplier to the Portuguese market, and to Portuguese speaking African countries, regarding the development and selling of management software for small, medium, large companies and Public Administration entities.

In that sense, as part of NOSiAkademia’s objective of training trainees in various fields and areas of action, in 2019, NOSi signed a protocol with Primavera Academia, through which Primavera provides NOSi with access to e-learning training services, technical support services for trainers and other services associated with the PRIMAVERA Education program, thus enabling all trainees in the Management and Accounting area to have access to and learn to work with this technology.