According to BMI statistics published by INE, it is estimated that by the first half of 2019 in Cabo Verde, there were 24,843 people unemployed, having decreased by 8.1% (2,185 people) in comparison to 2018. It is also estimated that the age group with the highest unemployment rate is youth, covering youth aged 15-24 with a rate of 25.7% and those aged 25-34 with 11.2% (source: INE, 2020).

In order to facilitate the insertion into the market of youth capacity, formed by the academies, in the areas of ICTs, Management and related areas, thus reducing the unemployment rate in Cabo Verde, there is an urgent need to create a training / internship programme that aims to support the insertion of an average of 200 youths/year into the labour market, based on equal access opportunities.

Project Justification

The Professional Internship Program for Innovation and Technology, PEP-IT, aims to fill the gap of professionals with consolidated professional experience and aligned with market needs, in a context of strong technological transformation. It is intended to invest in a sector with greater opportunity for employability of youths, to facilitate their insertion.

Target Audience

This project is addressed to the young graduates and the long-term unemployed. This profile is a priority bearing in mind the number of qualified young people who are unemployed.

General Objectives

  • Incubate skills in line with market needs;
  • Provide the youth with consolidated skills for reintegration into the labour market and/or retraining;
  • Provide the trainees with the necessary tools to succeed in their transition to the labour market;
  • Make up the shortfall in training and education for placement in the labour market of the New Information and Communication Technologies;
  • Promote self-employment and youth entrepreneurship.

Specific Objectives

  • Incubation of consolidated ICT skills for market needs at the level of key skills and consolidated experiences;
  • Reducing the youth unemployment rate;
  • Promoting self-employment;
  • Incubating projects in the ICT area.

During the program, the youth will have the opportunity to be trained “on job”, a part implemented by NOSIAkademia.

Furthermore, there will be spaces for dialogue, talks with professionals, Individual and group Coaching sessions, in order to promote appropriate behavioural profiles for entry and permanence in the job market and, even at the level of entrepreneurship, privileging the entrepreneurial spirit, Self-motivation, the ability to communicate among other behavioural aspects that are key for a successful professional.

Professional Internship Program for Innovation and Technology - PEPIT

Within the scope of Cabo Verde’s enormous challenge to reduce the unemployment rate, with a particular focus on the youth population, in line with the world context of business competitiveness based on New Technologies, the Government Programme of the 9th Legislature chose to prioritise ICTs.

As NOSi-EPE is one of the specialised entities in this field and reinforcing the partnerships and resources already existing in the sector, in terms of capacity building and welcoming trainees, the Professional Internship Programme for Innovation and Technology, PEP-IT, was developed in 2018 to continue the previously existing programme and implement the labour market insertion aspect by placing in companies in the area or preparing for self-employment, with the involvement and intermediation of IEFP, PROEMPRESA, UC-SNQ, AJEC, Chambers of Commerce of Sotavento and Barlavento.

Program / Project


Cabo Verde

The project fits in the SDG 8 ” Decent Jobs and Economic Growth

Employment, Employability and Insertion

To nurture skills for the labor market and, to solve the problem of long term unemployment in Cabo Verde.

Young graduates and the long-term unemployed.

2018-2020 (3 years)



18.144.000$00 ecv

Scope of Intervention

Phases/ EditionsHeld/ In progress:

Later Stages:

This programme covers only 50% of the deficit and new needs in training, education and placement of youth in the ICT, Management and related areas.

Results Achieved

The 1st edition of PEP-IT began in November 2018 and is already in its 14th edition. NOSi, as the project executor, has welcomed about 467 trainees. 

From the 13th concluded editions, the following results were achieved:

  • 367 graduated, trained and skilized trainess in New Technologies of Information, Communication and Management, within a real work context placed in projects of great importance to the institution;
  • Trainees prepared and endowed with skills for their reinsertion in the labor market;
  • Most trainees were able to fully accomplish the initial internship plans defined by the coordination. Those who did not succeed are due to the fact that in parallel to the tasks defined initially, they were also included in other projects/challenges, according to the needs of the respective department. Several challenges were proposed by the supervisors/mentors and all of them accepted and generally with excellent results.

A strong compromise was reached between the trainees’ expectations and the need NOSi had in each area;


In order to ensure the implementation and compliance with the assumptions of intervention, this project relies on strong partnership between institutions:

  • SEIFP (Secretariat of State for Professional Innovation and Training)
  • DGE (General Directorate for Employment)
  • UC-SNQ (Unit for Coordination of National Qualifications System)
  • UG-PIEFE (Integrated Policy Management Unit for Education, Training and Employment)
  • IEFP (Institute for Employment and Professional Training)
  • PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers)
  • VisionWare
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